"Healed By Grace 2 - Ten days of Grace" is the long awaited sequel to writer/director
David Matthew Weese's 2012 film "Healed By Grace"!

Story & Cast

Many will remember the popular character "Gauff" - the horse trainer from Healed By Grace with a comically cantankerous attitude that belies a true heart of gold.

The story reveals Gauff's dark past - which includes a hopelessly strained relationship with his adult daughter.

Things get complicated when Gauff finds himself reluctantly looking after a 14 year old granddaughter - outstandingly played by promising young talent Kennedy Martin - a granddaughter he had been unaware of just days before!

Featuring Hollywood icon Sean Young (Ace Ventura, Blade Runner), "Healed By Grace 2 - Ten Days of Grace" is an amusing and heartwarming "odd couple" tale of connection and reconciliation set in a scenic and inspiring equestrian setting.

Natalie Weese reprising her role as Riley Adams...

Sean Young as the optimistic tack store merchant Becky Cavanaugh - who never lacks for opinions and advice.

Larry Bower as Gauff

Stacy Munsie as Brandy

Kennedy Martin as Jesse

Ted LeBlang as the hilarious Brother Jimmy